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Welcome to Korean German Communication

Korean German Communication is an established interpreting and translation agency with more than 25 years of history. Thanks to our extensive experience in Korea and Europe, we have an excellent understanding of the cultures of the countries and have a great deal of experience in working with Korean and European companies and authorities. We can help if you are looking for high-quality interpreting and translation services for Korean, German and English.


Korean German Communication provides qualified interpreters and technical translations for a wide range of industries.

Our clients come from the following fields:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry (especially inspection of medicinal products)
  • Medical Engineering (special, audit of medical devices)
  • Industry and technology in general
  • Mechanical, plant and equipment engineering
  • Automotive industry
  • Power engineering and generation
  • Chemical industry
  • Consumer electronics
  • Environmental engineering
  • Home appliances
  • Film and television

Relations between Korea and Germany

With its high-performance economy and high level of technological expertise, Korea is one of Germany's most important economic partners in Asia.


German exports to Korea are growing significantly.
The supply of German products to Korea benefited greatly from the free trade agreement concluded between the EU and Korea. Since the reduction of customs duties in mid-2011, exports of products which are "Made in Germany" have been growing and have developed increasing importance. German products acquired a greater share of the market in Korea.


Cars which are "Made in Germany" are popular with Korean consumers.
The important German export product to Korea is cars, followed by other goods such as industrial machinery and equipment, electrical machinery and equipment, measuring, testing and control instruments, organic chemicals etc.
The main Korean export products to Germany previously also included cars, electrical machinery, apparatus and equipment, general industrial machines and telecommunication products. Since the free trade agreement was signed, Korean exports products to Germany have developed in a positive direction.


Connections in the field of research and technology are developing well. Korea is a world leader in the field of information and communication technology. German research institutes, universities are working on projects with Korean partners.

Around 5,700 Korean students are enrolled at German universities. Many Korean graduates of German universities maintain their contacts in Germany. There is an active German-Korean Alumni Network (ADeKo).


Koreans live in Germany and many Germans are of Korean origin and this forms an important link between the two countries. This group includes students, employees of companies who are from Korea, former miners from Korea, nurses and their children.


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